Continental Cargo

Continental Cargo is a leading producer of cargo trailers that can be built to meet most requirements. Whether for work or for play, we can offer a trailer to fit your budget or lifestyle. Our models and sizes range from a 4' x 6' Cargo Trailer to 8' x 52' Car Haulers, with dozens of standard features. If our standard offerings are not what you are looking for, we have several option packages and hundreds of options to choose from.

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To Glenn and the ENTIRE crew at Forest River/Continental Cargo: “Martha and I just want to say thank you to everyone for our new trailer. We purchased our trailer in June of 2014. We placed our order through Jack's Buggy’s in Wichita Falls and put in a "rush" order. Not only was our trailer delivered on time but it has been a great experience. I traveled to Waco for some replacement screws and was treated to a tour of the entire Forest River facility and had the opportunity to meet several of - Weldon W. and Martha F.
“Good Service!” - Anna T.
“Responsive and Professional” - Paul M.
“You have a great product! Looking for another” - Dave T.
“It has been a great trailer since I purchased it new, and modified for camping use” - Jim W.
“I'm now on my third Continental Cargo trailer. Overall we're very satisfied with the build quality on these trailers. I’ve owned many “Brand X” trailers over the years with many problems. We haven't seen any of the same issues with our Continental's. Our workers are hard on our trailers and equipment but these have been awesome little work horses for our crew.” - Brian J
"Thank you for the silver 7 x 16, it was a great build.” - Lance
"I have now owned my Continental Cargo Trailer for a few years. I use my trailer for many needs from work purposes to outdoor needs and have never had any issues with my trailer. I highly recommend anyone looking for a well built cargo trailer to purchase a Continental!!" - Mike D.
We are now on our second Continental Cargo trailer. We like the fact that we could have it custom built and pick 2 colors. Our first one is yellow and black. We had it made to match our work truck. the second one we did charcoal and black. We have been very happy with them and definitely recommend these trailers. We live in Montana and own a construction company and they hold up great in the harsh weather and rough terrain!!! - Jon Rushing (JLT Construction)